Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reasons I love shaving cream

1. Easy clean up.

2. Cheap (especially when the teacher who had this room before me left 4 cans of it under the sink)

3. It makes my room smell clean.

4. It makes that last 30 minutes on a Friday when the kids can't sit still anymore because they have been stuck inside for the past few days and I've been giving them tons of busy work while testing for the end of the quarter just fly by.

5. Students can get that great sensory experience and fine motor practice ....(cough cough ok my principal is gone)...they get to play!

6. One of your students might say "This is my favoritest day ever!"

P is for Penguin

I started this post last month and then my laptop decided it didn't want to work. I know that everyone has moved on from winter but i thought i'd put the up anyway.

I saw these cute penguins on Keen on Kindergarten and since we happened to be studying P last week I thought it would be a fun project and a great assessment of motor skills.While making them a couple of kids kept asking about feet and so I just gave them some orange paper and let them go to town.