Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who am I?

Inferring is a tough skill especially for kinders since they don't do so good with the abstract. I created a lesson where I first the book "Whose tail is this?" by Peg Hall and Ken Landmark. They have a bunch of books Whose nose, whose eyes, etc.

We read and talk about how when we infer we put two things together. First we have clues in the book in the words and pictures and then we also have our schema (things we already know about in our brain) and when we read we have to put those things together.

These students said that the clues were the eyes and the whiskers so they wrote "I think is a cat"
So then I passed out pictures of close up images of animals and the pairs could write and draw on the sticky notes about what they were thinking.  Then each pair got to present what they thought and at the bottom I out the zoomed out picture.

Lessons Learned - Make sure there are enough clues in the pictures. Some of the pictures were too hard because they were too close up.

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