Monday, August 8, 2011


Well I'm trying to start this year on a good foot. I was suppose to transfer to a school closer to home, but the county refused to put it through. So I still get to drive a hour plus each way. Still not quite over it...

Anyway I wanted to state my goals for this year and check in each quarter and give myself a grade.

1. Remove independent work from my 3 group rotation. I'm tired of the seatwork and it's more hassle then its worth. So students will rotate between two centers and my guided reading group. This will require me to change up my centers a bit more so the kids don't get bored.

2. Write up weekly plans at least 1 week in advance. I'm keeping it all on the computer this year so hopefully I can keep things updated with what works and make planning easier for future years.

3. Attempt daily math journals. I really want my students to be able to draw and write about their math thinking.

I think these are plenty. I'm not sure how they will go and even though I am staying in the same school I will have new administration so things may change based on their preference.

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